AMS Light

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Flashes only while riding.


Flashes while riding, continues flashing for two minutes when at a stand still.


Constant light only while riding.


AMS light is the bike-light you need if you are looking for a durable, hub-mounted and easy-installed bike light that will always keep you visible and safe – day and night.

AMS light is a new version of our classic hub mounted lights. The design is minimalistic and functional in order to make the lights as easy to handle as possible. The bike lights are installed within minutes with a new very comprehendible mounting system. When mounted they can stay on and you never have to think about remembering your bike lights or turning them on or off again.

AMS Light is available with ReePower™ Flash 2 - a backup system, which will let the lights flash for two minutes when at a standstill. This new updated version will charge faster than ever, making sure you have the backup power whenever you need it.

The name AMS Light is made as a tribute to the cycling city Amsterdam in the Netherlands, which is seen as one of the most bicycle-friendly capitals in the world. AMS Light is very suitable for biking here as well as in most other countries – it will definitely not fail in keeping you safe in traffic.

AMS Light is available in three versions: Flash, Flash with ReePower™ and finally a version with Constant Light.




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Powered by magnets
- No friction

Uses no batteries

Flashing light (AMS Light)

ReePower™ Flash (AMS Light+)
Continues flashing for two min.

Constant light (AMS Light C)

Waterproof and tested for harsh
weather conditions.

Complies with Danish

Safety light

Permanently mounted on the hubs
Theft proof

Environmentally friendly